- Lili -

Authenticity & Respect

If it comes to private or professional life, it doesn't matter to me, I believe in sincere and respectful relationships. I try my best to treat people the way I want to be treaten and honesty goes first. The best side of our type of relation is that we can talk and act without shyness and filter concerning our wants and needs. Not everyone can connect but we all can be ourself and humble.

I am an open book when it comes to lots of things, but I am also a good listener that love to learn from others. Always ready to improve as a human being, I think every single person, no matter where they come from has something to teach me. We can explore together. We can make a breach in the time and the space for a night, for a morning.

My wishlist

Sharing a particular moment with you is more than enough for me. But if you want spoil me, there's few things that will make me melt. 

Little thoughts

  • Apple cider, orange wine and champagne

  • Your favorite book

  • Fresh berries

  • A lightly perfumed candle

  • Flowers

  • Vegan kimchi​


  • A day at the spa

  • A biking excursion

  • A nice walk in nature followed with by pic-nic

  • A tete-a-tete in a vegan restaurant 

Gift cards



  • Shoes                          40

  • Bras                            32C

  • Panties                          L

  • Clothing                      M-L

  • Height                         160 cm